May 27, 2024

LaToya also known as the Bitcoin Queen ®, lives in New York, but is originally from St.Louis where she attended The Art Institute of St.Louis. LaToya got started in art, back in 2012, and became heavily involved in crypto since 2014, leading to her current moniker, Bitcoin Queen ®, which is trademarked to her. “I absolutely love the fact that art & crypto, are now connected through NFTs,” exclaims Bitcoin Queen ®.  NFTs are short for “non-fungible tokens,” which is a fancy way of saying they are digital certificates of authenticity that allow for intangible collectibles like digital art to be sold and traded. Although virtual items can be copied and distributed instantly these days, NFTs give buyers ownership of whatever digital items they purchase, creating a sense of exclusivity.

NFTs and crypto currencies have made their way into the music industry, and artists are figuring out creative ways to operate with the technology. Artists like Lil Baby, 2 Chainz, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Yachty, Akon, Logic, Nas, 50 Cent and more, have got involved with this fast growing technology. So it comes as no surprise that independent artists such as LaToya aka Bitcoin Queen ® seek to capitalize on its promise too.

LaToya aka Bitcoin Queen ®, is obviously not to be confused with Bulgarian crypto-queen Ruja Ignatova, who convinced punters to put up to $12bn into her worthless OneCoin cryptocurrency, and then disappeared with the loot.

“She’s the Bitcoin Queen” ft. Butter Betts, the new single by Bitcoin Queen ®, unfolds the artist’s love for the currency and her status within the movement. “If you need an NFT go holla at ya girl, so you can stack it up. She da Bitcoin queen,” spits the rapper.

Brash, brazen, and ambitious Bitcoin Queen ® and Butter Betts delivers “She’s the Bitcoin Queen” with a proud, forceful and distinctive attitude. It’s almost a given that the lyrics are whip-smart and braggadocios.

Bitcoin Queen ® plays by nobody’s rules but her own, something that runs as a strong theme throughout this single release, which also come in a remixed version. Butter Betts’ strong presence vocal transcends offers further validation of LaToya’s mindset.

Bitcoin Queen ® and Butter Betts from a winning combo. Both artists share a strong sense of identity and they use them to lift each other up. “She’s the Bitcoin Queen” ft. Butter Betts continues to show off just how many fantastic women of color there are succeeding at the minute, and catching the spotlight along the way.

The song also works as a message of empowerment, showing a woman moving forward in the technological world, to get what she wants, while freely giving out advice to others, on how to do the same.

“She’s the Bitcoin Queen” ft. Butter Betts also shows that LaToya aka Bitcoin Queen ® isn’t afraid to take risks – whether in the music world or in the financial world, while she aspires to building her own bridge between the two.

LaToya knows who she is, where she came from, and exactly where she wants to go. “She’s the Bitcoin Queen”  is the sound of an incredible personality and artist, indulging in her hip-hop fantasy and excelling at it.

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