July 20, 2024

Cendric is a 20 year-old musician who comes from the small town of Neiderdorfelden in the Main-Kinzig district, located about 20 km from Frankfurt am Main. He began his musical journey at the age of eight by learning to play various instruments such as percussion, clarinet, flugelhorn and the trumpet. Vocally he tried his hand at being in a classic choir, and quickly moved on to combining instrumentals and vocals, before landing on old-school rap. A year ago, Cendric began writing his own lyrics and started receiving support from a renowned studio located in Fulda. In January of 2022, the multiple award-winning AgencyNMM – Newcomer Music Management, discovered Cedric and signed him onto their roster.

On February 28, 2022 Cendric released his debut single “Immer nur Du”, which is about perceiving the dreams of others without losing your own dreams. Cendric utilizes his voice as his greatest weapon.

The way he masterfully and melodically contorts it on this particular track is chilling. From illuminating alliteration to his potent use of imagery, “Immer nur Du” is Cendric at his most captivating, thoughtful and powerful. The artist has clearly honed his skills for something with more gravity.

The eloquent German rapper is wildly ambitious when it comes to his music as an art form. Throughout the single Cendric sounds like someone that has come to terms with the idea that self-awareness can be difficult to navigate but makes him better in the end. Cendric drops his complex cadences and topics in a melodic voice that borders between singing and rapping.

When there is such a huge and dominating market such as that of the USA looming over a genre and era of music, it can be hard for a European artist to stand out in new and interesting ways. It can hard to say the same things in a different language and make an impression.

Though “Immer nur Du” is logically targeting the local German-speaking market, its melody, production and Cendric’s smooth delivery, can easily hit home with anybody. Its his poignant, and to-the-point nuanced delivery, that makes you want to learn more about Cendric.

A title like “Immer nur Du” tells you pretty much all you need to know, and the lyrics are just as immediate and impactful (with a little translating help if necessary). What perhaps makes this song effecting, besides the lyrics, is the easy on the ear melody, the guitar-driven beat and the mesmerizing vocal performance by Cendric.

The soulful beat leaves plenty of room for you to revel in the lyricism, the message, and Cendric laid back and hypnotic flow. While I love the ultimate focus that Cendric places on his verses, I think it’s his effortless but irresistible performance on the hooks that really catch my attention.

Cendric is a different breed of rapper/singer. He can spit bars as competently as anyone else in the game, but is also intent on instilling wisdom and smooth melodic deliveries into the grand scheme of his music. I love how the song “Immer nur Du” flows, and definitely with how Cendric uses his rapper/singer approach that is alluring and very touching.


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