June 18, 2024

Born on the same day as Drake, Thoro Byrdy is an artist from Paterson NJ, raised out in the Poconos in PA. A lyricist since the age of 7, music has been his passion all his life. Featured on many projects, his music is on all digital platforms. Thoro is an independent artist, who is also a part of Da Blood Brotherz Music Group. His radio ready music is profanity free. On his latest EP “Wyrk N Byrd”, Thoro Byrdy’s emotive, vulnerable songwriting is as compelling as ever, while his stark observations and razor-sharp wit cut to the bone of any number of real-life topics. From the get go, I was fascinated by the way Thoro’s raps sounded like stand-alone stories, layered onto entrancing and mesmerizing instrumentals.

The handful of features found on “Wyrk N Byrd”, complement Thoro Byrdy without resistance, moving the EP in a more linear direction. The first taste we get of this is on the opening track, “Da Wyrdo” ft. Soular235. Thoro’s steady baritone grounds the otherwise flowy and constantly moving beat. He is confident in his raps, spitting them out like ultimate truths, while Soular235 proves to be a more than able source of enhancement to the track.

“Flying High” kicks off in in cinematic fashion before the resonant bassline drops in, forming the head-nodding foundation for Thoro Byrdy to unleash his fierce flow, which comes with an air of consistency and completion.

“Unity” introduces ear-warming melodic elements into Thoro’s delivery, highlighting the versatility of his talents.  Enticing and often hypnotic, this is a tidy little track, which throws Thoro into the next batch of future rap stars.

The drum-driven “Book Cover” leaves all responsibility up to Thoro Byrdy’s lyricism and delivery, which again shows why he is a rapper you should be taking more seriously with every release.

In the current scene, Thoro is a rap character with such a unique flow that he is genuinely exciting to listen to. Here his words tumble out relentlessly, yet land smoothly with impeccable compatibility within the beat. What this does is gives the EP a real classic hip-hop feel.

“Brokyn Byrd” sees Thoro Byrdy switch to a singsong mode on the hook, which is yet another natural extension of his talents. This melodic-tumbling delivery gives the track an air of effortlessness and juxtaposes brilliantly against the rapped verses.

This track confirms that Thoro Byrdy is a breath of fresh air in the world of rap, while the production is exciting, and perfectly fitting to his vocals. He slots into an exclusive area of hip-hop artistry that blurs the lines between creativity and respectability.

The EP closes with the dark and epic “Blood Brotherz” ft. Shah Cypha, Flatline & Soular235. There’s an immediately gripping sound to this cut, while between the communal chatter, everyone delivers consistently strong rhymes and flows. The track is rolling in a rhythmic heaven through intoxicating percussion and growling basslines, making it a pretty damn fascinating song.

There can be no doubt that “Wyrk N Byrd” comes off as a revelation of an affirmed Thoro Byrdy, in which fans can hear him standing confidently in a space of understanding and purpose.

Thoro is definitely the kind of rapper I like listening to – one with ambition, solid wordplay, and some great production to back it up. There’s a level of quality to this EP that elevates it above most rap records dropped this year.

CONNECT with Thoro Byrdy: Facebook @Thoro Byrdy – Instagram @Thoro_Byrdy – Youtube Thoro Byrdy – Twitter @Thoro Byrdy.

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