July 21, 2024

Hailing from New York City, 18-year-old hip-hop artist Elan Suave, entered the music business at the age of 14 and started raking in streams independently across platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Audiomack and Apple Music. Elan’s songs and videos have found their way onto over 200 radio, video, and in-store media outlets worldwide. Moreover, the young talent, who is already on his 6th EP release, shows no signs of foregoing his education while still ferociously pursuing his music career.  Elan, was accepted, and moved into Howard University as a freshman on August 6, 2021, after graduating from Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx.

Elan Suave’s sixth and latest EP, “1 Of 1”, is here to unequivocally show that he can keep up with many of hip hop’s current rising stars. The recording has all the melodic twists and turns you want from the new wave of hip-hop, and Elan accomplishes it with not only the beats, but with his flows. On each song, he melds himself with the music, and just when you think his bag of tricks is empty, he pulls out another tool, to provide a new ear-catching sound.

While you might say that Elan Suave is not the only rising talent to paint such vivid and vibrant musical pictures with an EP, he is definitely doing it differently than his contemporaries. How, you might ask?

Elan uses his bottomless bag of skills at his disposal. He never limits himself to just one style or flow. He brings out varied vocal tones and timbres to draw his lyrical lines, and colors them enough so you can clearly see the things he is saying.

Right from the opening title track, “1 Of 1”, Elan Suave makes it his mission to let you into the picture he is painting, as he unfolds some personal relationship intricacies. Underneath his resonant delivery, the beat booms with a throbbing bottom end.

This leads us straight into the head-nodding groove of “Faith” which is flavored with a captivating melody, and Elan’s soulful delivery. A factor that let’s him dominate each track, and easily connect with the listener.

Every track follows its own script, but Elan Suave is easily able to connect each one with his singular musical character. Each cut shows different sides of Elan, and his experiences, as you identify with the energy, mood, and emotion exuded throughout. There’s a clear narrative to follow along the way. On “Gifted”, Elan is joined by Yvng Khaa, who helps add an extra sonic dimension to an already lushly layered production.

“Remind You” unpacks some warm jangling guitars, to lay down a shimmering foundation, alongside skittering hi-hats and rumbling basslines. On top, Elan’s voice is luxuriously urgent, with a universally appealing flare.

Everything about his delivery beacons with vivacity, which amplifies the clarity of his verses in contrast to the banging intensity of the beat. This same formula makes the closing track, “To The Game”, just as mesmerizing, where there is a nuanced drama to his melodic vocals.

No doubt, the EP “1 Of 1”, is another solidifying point in Elan Suave’s bustling career in the next wave of hip-hop. You begin to unravel the authenticity of this recording, within the first two tracks, and by the end, you will be thoroughly convinced of Elan’s ambition and skillset.

o make sure everything is executed with a high level of competence; Elan Suave, is joined by a group of talented producers, including Na2kaa, Hicks Made That, Nikblor Beats, Wayv and frequent collaborator, Jose “Clutch” Martinez.


Official Website: http://www.elansuave.com  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theofficial.elan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elansuave

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/theofficialela2  

YouTube: Elan Suave – YouTube

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