July 18, 2024

Few artists have the poetical soul and the observational eyes of Long Beach California artist, Wyce. He is one of underground hip-hop’s foremost enquirers, studying his surroundings and culture, and transforming all of it into language that reflects both the good and bad of life. He shows himself to be one of the genre’s most exiting, upcoming orators, maintaining a high level of consistency over the last two years. If you listen to his latest single “Wavy”, you can tell that his talent will be leading him to great places. A quick run through his fresh catalog, demonstrates the rapper’s ability to shift gears and be convincing as both a wordsmith and a narrator of tales of survival.

Apart from working his craft, Wyce has also started the label P.B.M.G (PaypaBoy Music Group), with several other members, which shows his all-round passion and dedication to music. What makes his songs great is Wyce’s rich and vivid storytelling.

His characters have full personalities and real depth, and his lyrics on each track move the story along at just the right pace. This perfectly matches the powerful and atmospheric beats, which serve as a dynamic backdrop to his nuanced flow.

All of the captivating aforementioned elements come into significant play on his “Wavy”. The synths twist and turn in an eerie aura, propelled by subtle percussion and a deep rumbling intermittent bassline.

On top, Wyce rolls out an almost whispered and conversational delivery, as he unfolds the song’s narrative. The listener comes off from a sojourn in the land of Wyce’s verses not only invigorated but empowered to take on the city streets, and the thunders in between.

If there was one word that best sums up “Wavy”, it’s thoughtfulness. It is clear that a lot of knowledge and thought has been ingrained into every sound, lyric, and idea. The song is poignant, introspective and complex. It plays like the audiobook version of Wyce’s personal journal of experiences.

The rap tracks that stick with me the most are not always the ones that push the genre into the future. I love seeing someone take rap on its own terms and then own it. And that is exactly what Wyce achieves on “Wavy”.

The new single “Wavy” gives the notion of Wyce leveling up, and finding ways to stick with his personal musical instincts even as he’s satisfying all the demands of hip-hop’s modern day aesthetics. One of the strengths of the track is that Wyce understands how his voice works, and what kinds of productions suit him best. There’s something about Wyce’s beat selection that hits closer to the heartstrings than those of his contemporaries

Even though Wyce never raises it to a shout on “Wavy”, his voice dominates the track, and at the same time he sounds raw, hungry and urgent. He shines when it comes to vibe-heavy mantras that bury their way into listeners’ brains like this one. This song’s hot production and Wyce’s nuanced cadences make sure that “Wavy” will be on many playlists for months to come.


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