July 18, 2024

Rife with themes of self-actualization and realization, throughout his catalog B’zurkk digs deep, highlighting his continual growth as an artist, and what his art represents. His music evokes powerful sentiments and reflective themes, and seeks to rivet in that validation with a true sense of self. He gets his messages across by creating a diverse sonic world unlike any we hear previously from his contemporaries or peers. The artist born in Portales and raised in Clovis, NM, uses his music as a means to acknowledge the full spectrum of emotion, from joy to sorrow, from rising above adversity to moments of doubt. He crafts an impressive sound world through very immersive beats, as well as his signature storytelling and versatile nuanced flow.

All of the aforementioned captivating elements are present in the single “Swollen Eyes” ft. Accasia, which B’zurkk delivers with melancholy and somber tones. A significant portion of the track has a slapping beat, and yet a chill, laidback vibe, while B’zurkk raps non-stop.

Both captivating and endearing, his reflective raps register as powerful and poignant at every turn, highlighting a storyteller at the peak of his abilities. His ragged breaths and abrasive voice inflections display an internal intensity.

The standout moments occur when B’zurkk grants himself space to let his racing thoughts take center stage, reaching the emotional peaks without the need to even raise his voice. It results in superior storytelling and simplicity that few in the genre can hope to achieve.

He has been a fiercely independent, ambitious artist for some time, and this track shows us why. On each release, B’zurkk expands his sound to an impressive scale that does justice to the breadth of ideas and experiences on which he focuses his lyricism.

Soon enough, on “Swollen Eyes” ft. Accasia, we’re transported through an impressively cohesive range of aesthetics. The slick arrangement and the contribution from the featured guest, makes this a really smart, multifaceted statement from B’zurkk.

He truly comes into his own when creating an emotionally rich experience to resonate with his deepest thoughts. The bar was set high by his previous releases, but it’s safe to say that B’zurkk came through with yet another solid addition to his discography.

There is so many different sides to rap today, which allows listeners to pick which type of style fits them best. B’zurkk is in realm of his own, there is no fluff in his songs, just endless bars that actually make him relatable to the real heads in the game.

Over an instrumental filled with lots of passion, B’zurkk calmly lays down some deep lyrics on “Swollen Eyes” ft. Accasia. The soulful tone combined with the lyrical substance you get from the rapper is fantastic.

I have always been aware of B’zurkk’s skills, but this track officially makes me a fan. He is one of the deftest and cleverest artists working today, and has an unerring talent for painting a full picture of his themes.

You are not listening to a couple of hype verses and some filler production meant to rack up numbers, when you unpack a B’zurkk track. His defining trait as an artist is his enviable ability to flesh out a narrative, while in the pursuit of genuine beauty in music.


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