June 18, 2024

Mellow, soothing and bubbly, but hard-hitting as ever, Big O creates an ambiance unlike any other on his latest project “Midnight Journey” in collaboration with Agu. This 3-track rendezvous signals the producer’s first outing on the Chill Ghost Records label. Big O has worked diligently over the years to become one of hip-hop’s most impressive and prolific beatsmiths. Orlando Turner, better known as Big O, is an American hip-hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer & DJ currently residing in London, UK. Making beats since the age of 13, he has worked with artists such as L.O.U., P-Rawb, Skyzoo, Bizarre Ride & Dankery Harv of Frank N Dank to name a few. The award-winning producer has released a myriad of instrumental albums, EPs and collaboration recordings with top-notch rappers. While each of his beats is also primed for some creative rap lines, they are just as easily enjoyed as chilled and spaced out instrumentals.

The EP “Midnight Journey” gives us an insight into the latter hypothesis. An intense and prolific collaborator, Big O is far from being a lone ronin, but his style remains his own. Here together with Agu, he weaves wondrous soundscapes wrapped up in shimmering soul and ambient chill. Whether you’re a casual music fan who appreciates a deep groove, or a connoisseur of sound who lives for unique, exquisite cuts, “Midnight Journey” can undoubtedly provide the necessary sounds for you.

“Midnight Journey” hangs together and unfolds in a fluid natural way, with rousing instrumental moments followed by quieter ones, all interspersed by brain-scrambling bits of studio wizardry. Right from the opening track – and the EP’s lead single – “Road Trip”, Big O melds shimmering keys, fiery, soulful guitars and thumping drums to grab and hold your attention. For all the kinetic energy employed, the track remains chilled, smooth and sparkling like a refreshing Spumante.

Big O drops adds even more shimmer to “Between Space & Time”, by further elaborating the piano and synth expansions. The song corrals the producer’s esoteric adventurousness into a compelling instrumental narrative.

Big O compositional creativity has always been great, but his constant evolution between releases makes him truly remarkable. The track sports a healthy balance of conspicuous and nuanced jazzy deviation, spotlighting its unprecedented instrumental cohesion. This natural flow carries over to the next track.

“Arrival” displays a compelling paradox of accessibility and density, which is ties together by a structure as open-ended as it is calculated. The meticulous soundscape is tailored magnificently with impressive detail and evocative emotion.  It is a well-defined canvas with which to articulate Big O’s chilled and soulful vision throughout this EP. The lauded producer is a man of patience and precision, which is all-evident in this metered arrangement.

Together, all the moving parts on “Midnight Journey” successfully create a cinematic dreamscape. It signals another different journey for Big O. Infectious bounce and sneaky grooves peak around the glowing laidback corners, perfectly in sync with the warm and inspired temperament of the EP. This is why ours ears are instantly drawn to it.


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