July 21, 2024

Lito Jordan is an entrepreneur and recording artist coming from Chicago. After tediously working for numerous companies, Jordan took back the reigns of his own life. He cultivates his independence, self-sustainability, entrepreneurship, and through the power of self-ownership. Especially in the music industry, he recognizes the need to ignore the voices of the world that tells him what action to do, which clothes to wear, which words to say, and which path to take. Instead, he is exercising full control over the person that he is and hopes to become. He created an environment where he can grow at his own pace, the way he wants.

In his quest to reach for the stars, Jordan established a record label — Family Over Everything. This label aims to have a striking impact on the lives of all who will hear their music. As people journey through their respective courses in life, Jordan hopes to use his music to express himself, his views, and his life while inspiring others to do the same. With Family Over Everything, he is able to give a piece of himself with passion, power, authenticity, substance, and style. This contributes to Jordan’s purpose, to be able to speak and be the voice for his neighborhood.

With persistence and dedication, Jordan is able to deliver a story he experienced first-hand. This is what sets Jordan’s music from others. Unlike other rappers that use the common rhetorical approach, Jordan stands on his grounds of truth. With the striking combination of his original lyrics and symphony, there is no doubt that everyone can relate to his music.

The root of his music runs in the accomplishment of the people he is reaching out to. It may be those living in the scarcity of life, struggling with adversities and tribulation, those needing an extra push to reach their dreams, and people from all walks of life. He understands the struggle to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and that is why he wants others to see that their dreams are attainable. Anything can come to life with action, driven by hard work and determination.

Today, listeners continue to hear Jordan’s words of wisdom, not just in his way of living but in his rap songs. Drawing on years of effort, Jordan believes music will always be an excellent avenue to influence people to chase after their dreams. He hopes to reach the hearts of the people and teach everyone that reality is at reach if one will be valiant enough to flourish.

Lito Jordan is on radio rotation with the track “Today” ft. Rockie Fresh. To get more information and update about Jordan and Family Over Everything, visit his Instagram: http://instagram.com/foelitojordan

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