May 27, 2024

Pat Muko is a singer, songwriter, pianist, dancer, model, actress, sideshow circus performer, business woman, philanthropist, curator, and just about any artistic and creative label you’d care to put on her. The Nigerian born princess started out as a child performer and has a picked up a long stream of credits and accolades along the way. Pat has appeared in movies featuring Will Smith, Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. She also collected the “Best Songwriter Award” in 2000 from the American Song Writers Association.

Pat Muko’s latest single, ‘You Pierce My Heart’, was recorded at Jeff Shapiro’s studio in Long Island New York, and was produced by Platinum winning producer Cliff Branch, who was part of the production crew for artists such as Keith Sweat, Luther Vandross, Missy Elliot, Maxi Priest, and more. Pat’s team also includes Jonathan Foster of Inatrance management, SnooB Naija and Spiich Sleigh. All of these aforementioned credits are meant to enhance the foundation of her latest work.

In fact, from top to bottom, ‘You Pierce My Heart’ is nothing but quality vocals, great song writing, amazing production, and a dive deep into the mindset of Pat Muko. Pat can be defined as a modern day R&B/Soul singer, and this track perpetuates this message. It’s the type of record that would survive in any decade due to it’s classic feel, which harks back to earlier musical eras, when singing divas ruled the world.

While Pat Muko’s sound and appeal is comparable to a handful of R&B/Soul legends, she stands out on her own as the modern day version of the classic music tropes that once was. Her aesthetic is classy, soulful, vocally expansive, and proud, which means magic happens in this love ballad.

‘You Pierce My Heart’ is so beautifully enchanting from the lyricism to the vocal performance and the production, without sounding pretentious or overdone in the slightest.

Pat Muko rewards listeners with the rich sounds of soulful R&B, which essentially satisfies a thirst for the kind of rhythm and blues that feels good to spirit, the heart and the mind. It’s a project filled with honest words backed with thoughtful instrumentation and musically able to speak to multiple generations. Pat is creating her own rules and using carefully crafted lyrics to connect with those who can relate to her music and narrative.

Seemingly, with minimal effort, Pat Muko impressively delivers the kind of R&B/Soul sounds that has been missing from the genre for decades. There’s something beautiful about music when it reminds you of a time you may, or may never have gotten the chance to experience.

When it pushes you towards feelings of nostalgia that you’ve always wished to feel, and impossible to find in the current bombastic music scene. Pat Muko literally takes you there with ‘You Pierce My Heart’.

The album projects a very personal and intimate feel, while Pat Muko’s voice extends into eternity on silky threads spun with smooth and luscious melody. The music is gentle yet powerful, highlighted by Pat’s sultry and easygoing vocals.  ‘You Pierce My Heart’ is a unique sonic concept for the modern music era, and one Pat fought tooth and nail for, to record it the way she wanted. It’s that approach which makes Pat Muko a standout artist, and ‘You Pierce My Heart’, a one-of-a-kind track.



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