May 18, 2024

Brooklyn born and Jersey raised, Samuel Vincent presents a new entry into a journal of decades to release his music to the world. In the meantime, he has grown as an artist, displaying a project with his single, “Thrown Stoned” that is a sobering reflection of where he stands in his professional career right now. A worthy warrior for lyrical rap, Vincent delivers a hardened, world-weary and grown image. He is armed with handfuls of wordplay, and acute, pertinent commentary, delivering a strong concept from beginning to end. An artist who can deal in subtlety and nuance, with the same effortless ease as he is immediate and impactful, Samuel Vincent’s seriousness is flavored with a bouncy, guttural beat and a mesmerizing vocal performance.

“Thrown Stoned” is a consistently powerful and affecting track. The soulful and insistent beat leaves plenty of room for you to revel in the lyricism, the message, and Samuel Vincent’s resonant and hypnotic flow.

Vincent is at his most impactful when waxing lyrical on personal and existentialistic themes – the fact that he can make you think about these themes from new and unique angles makes it clear what a supreme talent he has.

Samuel Vincent utilizes his voice as his greatest weapon, and the way he masterfully uses it on this particular track is chilling. From illuminating and potent use of imagery, “Thrown Stoned” is Vincent at his deepest, his most confident, and his most powerful. The eloquent rapper is wildly ambitious when it comes to his music as an art form. We are talking about a man who is trying to define the meaning of life’s most crucial gestures.

No matter where you are on the hip-hop page, if you have love for the core elements of the genre, “Thrown Stoned”, addresses the style of hip-hop that listeners will forever cherish, as it blends the new with a throwback vibe. Samuel Vincent achieves an unthinkable amount of depth, impact and lyrical ability stemming from his evolved skillset in its truest form. Vincent is both sharp and profound in his ruminations.

The writing on “Thrown Stoned” speaks for itself on where Samuel Vincent has been in his life past, and where he is heading in the future. Two minutes and fifty-four seconds is more than enough for him to unfold striking words and phrases. Giving the listener a reminder that his art is one to be carefully unpacked.

Vincent’s stark observations and razor-sharp wit cut straight to the bone, revealing his detailed thoughts. From the very first bar of “Thrown Stoned”, he tells us exactly how it’s going to be.

“Thrown Stoned” feels like a solid release from an artist wanting to establish himself as a rising power in the game. The production high points are spectacular with rolling basslines, thumping drums and shimmering keys underscoring Samuel Vincent’s surefooted vocal delivery.

The rapper has confidently taken it upon himself to ensure that the present hip-hop scene is reminded of the importance of the genre’s vital elements that have been steadily abandoned. The recording proves that Samuel Vincent is as ambitious as he is talented.


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