July 19, 2024

As with every Cannady Law Beats production, “Fairytale”, makes for a captivating and unforgettable experience, where his skills as a producer are never in question. The production sits fascinatingly in the uncanny valley, layered synths sounding just shy of organic with subtle piano and acoustic guitar timbres. If you listen closely, it’s all remarkably grounded and warm, with just a twist of ethereal mystery.  The track is full of beautiful background textures to soundtrack the imaginary storyline, which any artist with a creative mind can put a narrative to.

With the release of “Fairytale”, Cannady Law Beats proves once and for all that he is an artist and producer with his sights set on much higher prizes than to simply rule any dusty subgenre of hip-hop music. Only 2 minutes and 15 seconds long, this is an instrumental of epic reach and massive emotional pull.

Cannady Law Beats’ understanding of composition and the arrangement of instruments, as well as his complete mastery of the tricks and the techniques of the digital age, hold “Fairytale” all together. The beat is a long stride forward – both a natural evolution and a continuation of his sonic palette.

Rhythmic, resonant, addictive and perfectly formed, “Fairytale” is a thrillingly coherent statement piece, even without any vocals attached to the instrumental track. The song has stunning orchestral swells leaving a lasting impression, on one of Cannady Law Beats’ most confident songwriting decisions to date.

Most producers would kill to write songs as simultaneously immersive, emotional and foot tapping as this track is here. Cannady Law Beats has certainly set a new standard for himself on “Fairytale”. One of the mix’s key qualities is the open-mindedness with which the producer approaches his creations.

Just as important is Cannady Law Beats’ mixing style, which typically involves a well-balanced and dynamic sonic spectrum. It’s precisely the sort of embellished performance the material calls for. It reinforces Cannady Law Beats’ credentials as a producer, and perfectly encapsulates his creative demeanor.

One listen through “Fairytale” is all it takes to know that Cannady Law Beats is in a league of his own in the underground scene. Emotionally intense, “Fairytale” rings true to its name and it’s not hard to see that the producer has woven an intricate and deep-seeded track. It may even be one of Cannady Law Beats’ finest tracks ever.

Whether slow burners or upbeat pounders, Cannady Law Beats’ songs act as sonic narratives that ripen and blossom each minute. “Fairytale” dilutes the producer’s exceptional talent as an electronic composer, for all to share. The song allows the mind to float in its various intricacies, shades, and tones. Until a vocal artist comes along to add their own storyline to the composition, of course.

Since the release of his debut, Cannady Law Beats’ has grown with each passing project. His subsequent releases highlight his versatility and his ability to vividly create dynamic, textural soundscapes that spark vivid imagery through instrumentation and production. This time, “Fairytale” is heralded by warmer sonics that are just waiting to simmer beneath a bewitching vocal performance.

Instagram: cannadylawbeats74
Twitter: @74Talktome
Custom Beats Email: Cannadybeats@gmail.com

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