May 21, 2024

Nykole Simone’s song Flamboyant Remix will be for sale on all music platforms on June 30. In the meantime head over to NykoleSimone’s YouTube page spelled N Y K O LE Simone and check out the #FlamboyantChallenge.

Nykole Simone was born and raised in Detroit. A free spirit who loves tapping into different genres for diversity but mainly hip-hop. Recording since 2004, Nykole has a gift for making amazing songs with beautiful arrangements.

Always managing to combine the best vocals together to create stellar productions. Nykole believes in doing what it takes to steadily produce independently. She prefers behind-the-scenes video editing.

Nykole says, “My main focus is sustainability and happiness.” Nykole has a collection of music under the name SHERITA and is dedicated to providing mew material with raw emotion and truth. A stellar!



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