July 19, 2024

The single “Tell Me” is obviously the kind of music singer-songwriter Netto Georges was born to make, and it’s a million miles away from the current mainstream R&B/Pop fodder, which is a good thing. Paired with richly layered instrumentation from producer Viex, Netto’s elastic vocal range allows you to lose yourself in the music, and it’s stunning. Here you get to hear Netto Georges at his most commanding as he flits between his smooth middle register and his angelic falsetto. It’s ear candy of the purest kind. Laying his heart bare and serenading us with his incomparable voice, few in modern music can do what Netto does on “Tell Me”. This track is a much-needed return to form for a genre-blend that has been hacked and wrecked by auto-tuned singers.

Highly influenced by 2000’s culture, pop, soul and R&B, Netto Georges was born and raised in Venezuela, and is now based in Argentina where he makes music under the startup label Level Waves Music and the music producer Viex. “Tell Me” shows off Netto’s vocal dexterity as he bends and blends playfully within just over two minutes of a seductive, emotionally charged beat that bumps and grooves with determined rhythmic momentum.

The single’s liner notes describe “Tell Me” as a song about an ending relationship, where there is still a connection, and the main character is already starting to have a feel for someone else. Netto Georges brilliantly communicates those moments of contrasting emotions, as his nuanced voice takes us through a journey of relief, guilt and conviction. The way Netto lets his emotions dictate where his vocals go on the song, is absolutely captivating.

All-round though, I like how soothing, multi-faceted, hypnotizing, and funky “Tell Me” sounds. Not only is the song powered by an instrumental that is as curative as it gets, but it also boasts lyrics that will remind everyone of the intricacies of that moment when a love is both lost and found. The track also flows majestically, as Netto Georges does a great job of staying in the romantic and soulful pocket while the beat pushes the groove.

“Tell Me” is bustling with infectious, hook-heavy vocals, and is carried by a pulsating bass-infused spine, embellished with shimmering keys and a smacking snare drum. Netto Georges’ smoldering voice sprouts catchy nuggets of power-pop and soul-driven sexiness that should do the job of putting this aspiring music star on the international map. One listen to the project left me absolutely convinced that we have an emerging artist of real worth and potential here.

Great singer-songwriters have always been able to walk that fine line between intelligence, emotion and melody and whilst some specialize in the latter at the expense of the other elements for the sake of hits and radio play, Netto Georges can do all three with ease.

With all that being said, the end-result is that “Tell Me” is a song, which is powered by a well-structured and extremely luscious instrumental, a gorgeous melody, well thought-out lyrics, and a stunningly wide-ranging vocal performance by Netto Georges. It’s going to be an exciting ride watching him evolve and develop over the next few years.

TIKTOK: https://www.tiktok.com/@nettogeorges
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/nettogeorges/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/NETTO-109988227198811
MUSIC STREAMS: https://ditto.fm/tell-me-netto-georges

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