June 18, 2024

Each year, there are new variables that shape the success of up-and-coming artists. Throughout the last couple of years, new rappers figured out ways to make a splash during an extremely tumultuous time, and many of them show signs that they’re about to level up in 2022. Fatty Loweyez is a rising artist from Toledo, OH, who is separating himself from fellow rappers who exploded with loud and aggressive songs, Fatty uses his naturally deep voice in a more laid back way, effortlessly gliding over bass-heavy production as he delivers deceptively catchy rhymes.

Fatty Loweyez presents the image of a rapper who likes to keep things low-key and mysterious, but if he continues making addictive hits like “Geronimo” and “Artt”, he might have to adapt to life in the spotlight.  If you listen to any one of these tracks, you will notice he has the kind of natural charisma it takes to become a major player. With each new track, Fatty lets us in on a new chapter of his life story and experiences, while proving himself as one of the best new rappers out.

Possessing an exceptional ear for rhyming, Fatty Loweyez writes songs that will get stuck in your head after just one listen, and as you keep playing them over and over, you’ll pick up on his knack for storytelling, too. “Geronimo” is a hypnotic track that displays his ability for using mesmerizing understated flows that turn heads.

It’s nearly impossible to play an Fatty Loweyez song just once. Notwithstanding the absence of an infectious melodic hook, when you encounter a voice like the one he lays down on “Geronimo”, it will invariably end up bouncing around in your brain until you give in and play it again (and again). No doubt, he will steadily gain fans who appreciate his entrancing flows and deep reflections.

Fatty Loweyez’s delivery is hypnotic, and he populates his songs with layers of vibe, making it sound like he’s attacking your senses from multiple angles. Despite Fatty’s songs being full of vibe and groove, they never overshadow the fact that he’s a very skillful rapper who can hold his own with the best lyricists out. He has a limited discography so far, but his potential is through the roof.

On “Geronimo”, Fatty Loweyez’s shows an ability to make addictive music, which has a particular emphasis on creating both a vibe and storytelling. And while he doesn’t seem to make records that want to become obvious mainstream hits, he’s carving out a particular lane for himself thanks to the polished skillset and a cohesive sound that’s uniquely his own.

The Toledo based rapper manages to hustle and grind with an independent spirit and tenacity within a ruthless and oversaturated marketplace. His relaxed, easygoing mic presence belies the precision of the tales he’s exploring, as he carries herself with the confidence of an industry vet on “Geronimo”. Possessing a distinct voice, Fatty Loweyez is a great new addition to the growing list of rappers who are taking over the genre right now.


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