June 24, 2024

Dr Pushkin is Ghanaian artist of Gurune extraction currently based in the U.S.A. He is the founder of the underground hip-hop and Afro-fusion group, Isolirium, composed of himself, Ataman Nikita and TeriWiizi. The project has its roots in Ghana, Russia an the USA, which is candidly reflected in their multicultural themes, ideologies and concepts. The momentum that Dr Pushkin has built up over the past couple of years has led to some of the finest work of his career. His single “Lies” ft. TeriWiizi, in particular being one of his best. The production provides a sumptuous, earthy atmosphere, something rich, melodic and captivating.

Dr Pushkin

While both Dr Pushkin and TeriWiizi are never more than a verse or two away from an enlightening, conscious narrative, here it feels more palpable and immediate. Dr Pushkin and TeriWiizi are reflective, even brutally honest when they need to be, and on “Lies” they simply make the hardest truths sound easier to follow.

As can be expected from the titles, the artists uncover and warn us about the lies, fakeness and deception that is proliferated via social media, crooked politicians and unscrupulous media profiteers.  As immaculate as AzkonnaBeatz production is, it serves as a luxury backdrop, which frames the conscious rhymes that grab your attention.

Right from the outset, before you have time to process TeriWiizi’s hard-hitting lines, the artist is already onto the next one, loading every sentence with criticism, debate, and warning.

Moving forward, the song continues to reflect on both the present and the future, reiterating the timeless troubles modern society continue to face in an ever more deceptive world. Never concealed by the gorgeous mixing and mastering by DJ D.Abete, the song’s messages come through loud and clear.

“Nothing they say will ever be true. They don’t wanna see your dreams come true, no. Believe me fam nothing wrong with you. These leeches just want to profit off you,” exclaims Dr Pushkin, as he unfolds his verses.  The striking sound of the single never leads it’s cautionary tale to become lost.


“Lies” provides the listener with an awakening, from placing attention on the sound of the music to the hard-hitting truth of its vocals. It is a call to arms by Dr Pushkin and TeriWiizi to disregard the deception and search for verity.

When it comes to a Dr Pushkin and TeriWiizi collaboration, reaching feasible harmony is about as difficult as counting from one to three. The duo perform like an uncompromising super team on “Lies”.

They’re both intricately authentic in the way they approach the song, which exemplifies their strengths in an impeccable fashion. In a nutshell, the rapping and singing on this song is an amalgamation of what makes them so riveting in the first place.

Dr Pushkin and TeriWiizi are in peak-form on “Lies”, and performing over a beat that was built to fit their diverse styles. There’s a cohesion of sound and vision here, with the two artists’ styles both vibing in a fashion that makes for a wholly entertaining and enlightening experience.


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