July 19, 2024

“Bad Bitch Music Vol.1”, merges aggression with sassy swagger and an overdose of unapologetic sensuality. Armed with vitriolic ad-libs and bass-booming beats, Tally Bandz proves that her ear for catchy off-kilter sound is keener than ever. The 10 tracks on this mixtape might overwhelm a less commanding rapper, but Tally Bandz presides over them like a mastermind. She toes the line between the self-empowered feminine and the adventurous bitch, following girlish shrieks with angry growls. Richmond, VA femcee’s voice is magnetic, and her trickster flow lends itself well to the mischievous and the risqué, rewarding her impulse to push against the boundaries.

Tally Bandz started making music in 2017 and after releasing her first single “Fuck Boyz”, quickly caught the attention of her huge fanbase and the underground rap scene in VA. “Bad Bitch Music Vol.1”, is set to cement and fortify her presence on an even larger scale.

The mixtape suggests that sexiness and self-love can be just as therapeutic as unleashing rage, showing off Tally Bandz’s artistic range in the process. She puts a leash on rap fans and pulls them her way, making the songs she wants to make, rather than bowing to the mainstream.

All of Tally Bandz’s unique qualities find full reign on “Bad Bitch Music Vol.1”, but there is a key distinction. She isn’t interested in being relegated to any subculture. She will have the industry bow to her aesthetics.

The opening track, “Tally Story”, is to remind you who she is, where she’s from, why she’s earned this mixtape, and why it sounds the way it does. It’s a statement of assertion, a necessary move if you want to forge ahead in the world. Moreover, it’s a focused, and neat way to start proceedings.

Next up comes her hit single, “Bad Bitch”, where the rising rap queen not only allows her lyrics and vocals to shine, but she also brings her bratty and bitchy attitude to the table. It works perfectly with the merciless persona that her witty narrative conjures.

This is followed by a surprising and hilariously explicit skit, which I’ll leave you to discover, and leads to the track “Pu$$y Mouth”. As the title suggests, this one is not for the faint-hearted, as Tally Bandz’s unpacks all of her dominance over the lusty male.

The track’s undeniable dirty swagger is something splashed throughout the track list, and is thus a great way to maintain the pace and mood of the record. “Conceited AF” continues to thrive on Tally Bandz’s absolute confidence in dictating her own rules when it comes to the sex games men crave to play. This is followed by another unexpected skit, “Treat Em’ Like Shit (Skit)”, which adds fuel to the fire before Tally Bandz leans into her debut single “Fuck Boyz”.

When she’s not spilling her enormous self-worth to the populace, Tally Bandz is experimenting with the sounds of her voice. On the funky groove of “Blocked”, she dials in the auto-tune for an ethereal intro, and a soulful melodic hook.

This track is really sweet and easy on the ear. “His & Hers” hinges on Tally Bandz’s persona; a potent combination of self-empowered boisterousness and sexy charm. She closes the show down with the introspective, piano-driven “Chosen One”.

The wildly ambitious Tally Bandz is a force to be reckoned with. She stomps around like a badass bitch all across this mixtape, cutting her way through all those that doubt her. She has built herself up as a formidable figure with a clear vision on “Bad Bitch Music Vol.1”. She’s going to do everything she can do, to achieve what she wants.

Website: www.tallybandzofficial.com
IG: www.instagram.com/tallybandzz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tallybandzzent
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFlvACZdNkLj_jOqLp4LSLQ
Streams: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tallybandz/bad-bitch-music-vol-1

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