July 18, 2024

Philadelphia is where Slayzer was born and bred. At the age of 12, his mother gifted him a piano, which sparked his interest in music, allowing him to learn and play all of his favorite anime and video game soundtracks. Inspiration from artists such as Linkin Park, Coldplay, Drake, Kanye West, Meek Mill, Jay Z and Lil Wayne, spurred Slayzer to begin writing his own songs to their instrumentals when he was 14 years old. He eventually upgraded from Audacity to FL Studio in his quest to make beats and write songs, which he decided to release to the world.

His latest single “Kit-Kvt” showcases Slayzer’s ability to put together a song that is both catchy, memorable, and hard-hitting in the same breath. Rarely can an artist walk the line between alternative-emo and traditional pop with such ease, especially on an early release.

Entirely written, produced and performed by Slayzer, the song is about getting over a heartbreak while reminiscing, but also reassuring oneself not to go back into the relationship, no matter how tempted. Slayzer uses every minute, every second of the project to communicate his emotions and unfold the storyline. He creates a mid-tempo ballad that is equally beautiful and hopeful, as it is melancholic.

Offering a great sense of self, “Kit-Kvt” sees Slayzer reflecting on his internal plights, engulfing his thoughts in waves of emotion. Airy vocal stacks and darker musical undertones is what makes this music more captivating than most — balancing somber introspective keys and pointed voicings with a calm potency only he possesses.

Slayzer’s ability to create a unique blend of sounds and ideas while still retaining a sense of cohesion make him an artist with true lasting potential. Compared to what most of his contemporaries are doing, Slayzer fares better at self-reflection and sounds less like he’s singing for whimsical and fleeting emotions, but instead writing from a lived-in experience.

Though the topic is not unfamiliar, telling a story of a breakup and breakdown of a relationship, it’s the way Slayzer lays out all the details in “Kit-Kvt” that sets him apart from the pack. There is something elemental to the way he conjures emotions in the song.

Despite its uncluttered arrangement and interiority of its lyrics, “Kit-Kvt” is all encompassing and deeply engrossing. It comes from Slayzer mesmeric words, but also his voice, which does more than simply sing the words – it beams the emotions and imagery right onto your mind’s eye.

Musically enchanting and with an undercurrent of pathos, the song soaks up the atmosphere, showing that Slayzer harbors the sort of innate understanding of aesthetical importance in music that only highly navigated artists comprehend.

“Kit-Kvt” is an adept pop song that highlights a preternatural knack for melody, song-structure, and beat making from Slayzer. Here the artist has complete control in preserving the central ethos of his captivating sound, which was already evident on the track “Seaside”. “Kit-Kvt” is yet another insightful look into Slayzer’s versatility as a performer, songwriter, and producer. It shows his continued maturation within volatile industry.



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