May 25, 2024

Evin Gibson, an award-winning singer, songwriter, model, and actor hailing from the Carolinas, pours all his emotions into the three tracks, in the form of his new studio single, “Come Back Around”. Effortlessly blends striking beats with his signature soulful croon, Gibson’s vocal melodies soar above it all, with a radiance that lingers. The vocals are as angelic as they are raw, with a burning passion that exudes from the back and forth of the singer’s performances. The production and vocal chemistry across each of the songs is incredibly outstanding.

“Come Back Around” is Evin Gibson in his realest form, crooning soulful numbers that emote straight from the heart. The original title track opens the proceedings with a cool, captivating and charismatic hue, as Gibson unfolds his heartfelt narrative across the slow burning R&B ballad. The production slides on silky warm and smoothly layered instrumentation, and is further enhanced and held together by gently persuasive backing vocals.

Here Evin Gibson shows us that love isn’t always an easy undertaking, exploring its depths and elevations with his tender, and affecting voice which makes it well worth the ride. The singer-songwriter doesn’t miss a single beat, as he maintains utmost consistency and relentless soulfulness.

Next up we have “Come Back Around” (ViciousKeys Mix), a stripped-down version of the original track, which is beautifully propelled sans percussion, allowing the urge of Evin Gibson’s voice to flow intoxicatingly to the fore.

“W.Y.W. ( What You Want / Right Here)” (Palmez Remix), completely flips the sonic template in relation to the previous mixes. This one track is specifically designed and built to crack the dancefloor code.

The syncopated piano chords are nothing short of awesome, while the basslines are epic to the ninth degree. The EDM beat provides a contemporary anchor, as Evin Gibson locks into the groove with his distinct pipes. Despite the move to a different, upbeat styling, Gibson sounds totally in his zone.

All throughout this 3-sided single, Evin Gibson is dynamic, with the backing vocals matching his magnificence.  There is no doubt regarding authenticity as he puts his all into the tracks. Gibson gives authentic, expressive, heartfelt, and nuanced performances. Everything feels right: the vocals, the lyrics, and the production. Evin Gibson is on autopilot – consistency exemplified.

The R&B and Soul landscape has changed considerably through the years, but Evin Gibson vibrates on a different wavelength than his contemporaries. Gibson’s voice is undeniably and unabashedly thick with range and charm, while passion overflows in every note he sings. His songs are built within a framework that expands and reaches out towards powerful emotional directions – a lexicon he thankfully never strays from.

Evin Gibson began his singing career in a gospel ensemble with his sisters, before going on to win various talent shows, while performing original music. Gibson moved forward, to collaborate with many well-known artists over the years, and has also toured the world, performing both original music and timeless classics. His music has been sold on the underground circuit, and been played on radio stations. Currently signed to SANS Entertainment, Evin Gibson is set to release his debut album this fall.


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