May 26, 2024

Hip-hop and Rap has always connected with the youth for its grittiness and authenticity, but now in the modern era, we have to add emotion to that equation. Especially sad, reflective and melancholic emotions, which connect strongly with other people’s feelings due to maybe sharing similar distressing experiences in life. Newcomer, Donotoz has clearly been working hard behind the scenes, honing his craft, and unpacking his own emotional dilemmas. He has already released a series of songs, in a very short time on the Soundcloud platform. One of these tracks, entitled “Feel Better”, is an extremely personal and intimate statement, which looks at his father’s bitter divorce proceedings.  Donotoz wishes he could help to alleviate his father’s suffering, as he himself, manages to get some weight of the bad experiences off his chest, in this song.

Despite the tragic topic, from a listener’s point of view, it’s always more interesting to hear artists talking through traumatic experiences rather than just bigging up how much drugs they’ve done, or how much money they’ve got. So right off the cuff, it can be said that Donotoz definitely brings another breath of fresh air to the table with “Feel Better”. There’s something about Donotoz that is at once aspirational and relatable.

It offers an escape from our own banalities, as we go into the artist’s head and heart, and feel what his feeling, and that’s a lot, on “Feel Better”. The song’s narrative unfolds like a letter to his dad, describing Donotoz’s bond with his father, as well as his despairing inability to help solve his dad’s moment of distress. Donotoz does however offer moments of encouraging nostalgia, looking back on when he was younger, and his absolute admiration for his father.

Donotoz has a way of commanding a song with his unadorned vocal performances. He doesn’t rely on screaming, wailing, crooning, or special effects, but simply his voice which has a warm conversational tone that floats above the instrumental in “Feel Better”, with clarity, reserved confidence, and sophisticated yet down-to-earth charm. Above all, listening to Donotoz feels therapeutic.

Donotoz channels his own experiences directly into his music, without resorting to overwhelming melodrama. He simply narrates the facts, and bares his soul.  The young artist doesn’t rely on already popular trends or sounds to capture attention. Instead, he broadcasts his natural talent for songwriting over minimalistic yet carefully-composed songs like “Feel Better”. His honesty and authenticity is immediate and palpable.

It’s obvious that the release of “Feel Better” now begs the question, “what’s next?” Will we see the artist continue his trajectory? Donotoz seems to be an artist who has a crystal clear vision and a patient approach to sharing his art in a world that is moving faster than ever. I think this is perfectly logical for a very young newcomer. Everything has to be a progression as opposed to a giant leap. It’s part of what could make him a compelling figure in an increasingly robotic and manufactured industry right now.


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