July 21, 2024

Anthony Levone is a rap artist hailing from West Palm Beach, FL with a constant steady focus on challenging himself creatively, creating honest music & always pushing the bar higher and higher for himself in order to create the best possible hip-hop music out there.

His most recent release Peacekeepers is a perfect example of how this talented performer continues to push forward and supply his fan base with excellent music. The song also features Fooly23, who brought some extra talent and energy to the track with a great contribution that makes their combined vision stand out. There’s chemistry between these two immensely talented artists & close childhood friends, and their creative excellence is undeniable. The two are different in many ways but they each allow each other to shine on the track wonderfully. Their similarities and their differences as artists both collide and mesh beautifully on this release, making for a truly inspiring and brutally honest ode to peace and some may even say to the golden age of rap.

Peacekeepers kicks off with a hyper and even frenzied mood-setting introduction from Fooly23 that has you thrilled from the start, only to take a deep dive into Anthony’s mind and his view of things. This release almost feels like a tip of the hat to legendary artists such as Lil Wayne, Common, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. More importantly, Anthony stands out due to his ability to deliver beautifully written rhymes, alongside catchy and impactful hooks. It is not always easy to make great music that’s both incredibly pleasing to the ear and loaded with artistic integrity, but Anthony managed to accomplish that with Peacekeepers in a very natural way. This release stands out as both the possible beginning of a movement as well as a very tasteful showcase of Anthony and Fooly23’s skills, and it is undoubtedly going to be a milestone in their careers.

For many Peacekeepers will be a great first taste of Anthony’s work, especially in the way the sound really knows no boundaries in mixing ideas and sounds into something that could be considered innovative and characterful. Not only is the release very original, but it’s also a peek into Anthony’s thought process and what he believes is his true purpose, telling it like it is to enlighten others and therefore giving the audience a reason why they should have this exciting and thoughtful upcoming talent on their radar. Anthony’s music is definitely going to be anyone’s cup, providing they have a love for authenticity, heart and energy in music! If these are the things you look for in an artist, you’ll find them here.

Find out more about Anthony Levone, and do not miss out on Peacekeepers, which is available on all digital music streaming services now!

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