July 19, 2024

Music producer and artist, Double Stackzz, combines elements of slapping hip-hop, bouncy funk, smooth nu-jazz, expansive electronica, and neo-psychedelia flavors to create something that is simultaneously progressive and futuristic, but of the time. On the album “Better Dead”, released July 12 2022, the beats are crisp and crunchy, the synths and loops are tight and catchy, the basslines are deep and resonant and the sparse vocal interludes float above it all effortlessly. The 13-track album is everything that you could expect from a forward thinking creative. It is a collection of songs expertly composed and produced. It is a work that explores Double Stackzz’s many sounds and styles, and is a remarkable experience brimming with emotion and technical joy, despite the somber title.

Right off the cuff, on “WOTW”, you will find yourself floating in the cosmic atmosphere of skittering percussion, choral flourishes and sweeping keys, only to soon after be basking in the lovely piano work and radiant synth tones supported by the slapping drum beat of “Month Of May”. On the other side, “Lucid Reality” gives the listener the feeling that they are walking through a futuristic dream world, as various echoing notes keep popping up throughout the song.

There is no doubting the technical work at play in Double Stackzz’s creations, as he incorporates numerous sonic aesthetics inside each composition. The shimmering melodic keys and the banging drums on “Houston Nights” tempo ends up creating multiple moods in the song.

The ethereal nature of the material on “Everywhere” ft. Lianmari Cruz Santiago, provides a serene sonic space for one to feel alongside Double Stackzz. It allows the listener to explore deeply pondered emotions through his art.

“Next Planet Fried” rides on smooth, chunky synth chords and a hypnotic, head-nodding backbeat. The brilliant auras of delicate sound swirl together on “The 5th Dimension” to create moments of both, tranquility and intriguing emotions. Double Stackzz eclectic musical vision has truly snapped into focus with this album, and can be clearly witnessed on the snappy yet soulful “Cold Hearted” and the bass-driven spaciousness of “The Other Side”.

“Josh A” ft. featuring Josh Alexander maintains a rattling beat a wobbling bassline, which builds a warm and mesmerizing rhythm and beat. “Tempo De Peruracao” develops on an ominous and booming low-end, which presents a sinister atmosphere throughout.

The level of inventiveness Double Stackzz shows on these songs set him apart from his contemporaries. On “Game Over”, he again flips the sonic aesthetic, with a throbbing beat and playful, layered keyboard melodies.

The album closes with the almost forceful “Better Dead / Spending Again”, which makes full use of jangling guitars and a lusciously layered arrangement. Double Stackzz never shies away from sonic surprises, and this track, again certifies that peculiar artistic trait.

In short, this album is a stunning showcase of how music made electronically, can still retain so many human elements. Moreover, “Better Dead” transcends genre. The overall mood communicates deep introspection, although the sounds and arrangements themselves are dynamic and colorful.

Double Stackzz has delivered on the possibilities that technology offers, without having a record that sounds mechanical or robotic. “Better Dead” is a compelling listening experience, sequenced with genuine purpose and structure, and displayed through multiple tracks that allow the mind to ponder through its musical peaks and troughs. Ultimately, Double Stackzz has moved beyond the familiar production tendencies. He is simply that ambitious.





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