May 28, 2024

Finally, the time has come. For what? Why, for R&B singer-songwriter August Rayne to release her follow-up single, “Rock With U”. The things that Rayne had accomplished on “Stay With Me”, prior to dropping her official new single are truly amazing.  Now, perhaps, it is her biggest moment, building off her previous, unprecedented success and dropping the real deal single that looks to the future while grabbing from the past.  How well does August Rayne do? Superbly by my estimations. The single offers 3 versions of the song – the Original Mix, the Extended Mix and the Lex $lay Mix.

August Rayne gets off to an awesome start with “Rock With U”. The instrumental shines, simmers and grooves. Once Rayne begins singing, she’s is totally on point, never over-singing, delivering expressive and nuanced vocals; the richness of her tone is stunning.

Beyond the bumping backdrop and sultry vocals, there is also strong songwriting.  August Rayne mixes contemporary, mood-motivated vibes, reflective feel-good lyrics, and a retro club flavor within the same song.

“Rock With U” offers up another sleek, and classy backdrop from August Rayne.  It’s a treat to hear her rich, incredibly captivating vocal register on a record that features a fabulous groove and comes off as a surefire vibe.

The production is lush and radiant, while Rayne sings beautifully, never getting too high yet packing a tremendous punch. Behind her voice the synths play a dominant role, twisting and twirling in the backdrop, to create a superbly dynamic framework for the vocals.

“Rock With U” is incredibly hypnotic from the initial listen.  August Rayne masters her performance approach, which is commanding yet simultaneously controlled and poised. The song compositionally benefits from its pacing and thoughtful use of space.

This is a record that has that extra special sauce, without drawing too much attention to itself, allowing August Rayne’s vocals to rightfully shine. Of course she never lets that opportunity go to waste.

“Rock With U” is a perfect example of creating a vibe, something modern hip-hop and R&B thrive off.  It is a gem, with its majestic harmonic sensibilities, and magical blend of old school and modern sensual R&B.

August Rayne shifts between legato, melodic, cooing lines and quicker, rhythmic-infused ones. This gorgeously produced joint perfectly suits Rayne’s artistic sensibilities, which are finely contoured, and carefully finessed. August Rayne doesn’t just write songs; she writes feelings.

Either way you look at it, the biggest selling point on “Rock With U”, is August Rayne, who serves up beautiful, expressive, and nuanced vocals without forcing things.  In addition to her own marvelous instrument, great songwriting and a gorgeous melody give her an awesome single to bring to the table.

“Rock With U” immediately showcases how her sound has expanded, with the arrangements taking on a new classic quality, infusing 80s disco funk flavors. It presents another standout insight into her unique musical style. August Rayne is at her most confident throughout this impressive recording.

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