June 20, 2024

I feel like so many artists are at their best when they get real in their music. This is the case with Akido Maja – who was born in Africa and raised in the USA – on his single, ‘Irreplaceable’. If the intersection of ardent Afrobeats and immensely soulful hip-hop, and chill-out R&B fusion, needs an underground grinder, Akido Maja is the man. Between the easy flow of his singalong inducing voice and his ornate crossover ethnographic melody and rhythm, he is an artist whose global music flavors are the keys to his commanding presence.

Everything about ‘Irreplaceable’, from its introductory adlib chants and the coolly, contagious verses to its fluttering guitar lines, and hard-hitting drums, bathes Akido Maja’s singsong tale of irreplaceable love in an alluringly mysterious aura, with a strong hint of spirituality. It is a buoyant blend of warm liquidity and spaciousness filled with Akido’s uplifting charisma.

The diversity and flair that Akido Maja shows here, is all produced with effortless ease, and without the usual pop pretentiousness of his peers, of which he has none. His talent is applied to a sumptuous and spirited melody, where the fit is tailored and snugly exceptional for what it is designed to achieve. ‘Irreplaceable’ is a magnificent showcase of artistry, panache and swashbuckling musicality, without all the pretension, as stated previously.

‘Irreplaceable’ encapsulates the concepts of self-awareness, confidence and limitless belief in self, which Akido Maja never runs short of. He then applies that confidence to create unforced art. Sonically, ‘Irreplaceable’ is a slapping body of work, which deftly plays on and amplifies Akido’s strengths. He manages to create a seamless project without going down the expected paths. Akido Maja’s verses smartly break up the song creating something breathable in feel.

Akido Maja manages to stand strong on this record, seducing the listener with his lyrics and the way he flexes his cadence. The record is only further elevated by the infectious choruses, as Akido puts his entire foot into the delivery. Playing with the tempo and the thumping production, Akido Maja’s musical aesthetic manages to come into fruition in the most magnanimous way possible. As his lyrical dexterity improves, consequentially, his ability to relay his thoughts is enhanced.

That’s what we hear on ‘Irreplaceable’; the experiences of an artist who can perfectly articulate his knowledge. The track is an unequivocal stand out, thanks in no small part to the mesmerizing pre-chorus and chorus by Akido Maja, perfectly accompanied by masterful production. This formidable composition illustrates, through its arresting sonics and the narrative, the message Akido is sending out.

Akido Maja may be new to the music scene, but his passion for the craft has always existed. Moreover his dedication towards healing and helping people through his music, adds an extra dimension to his craft, and certainly makes ‘Irreplaceable’ even more appetizing. Balancing the realities of life with his continuous quest to comfort others, and never lose sight of who he is artistically, Akido Maja takes an assured step towards the limelight.

Instagram- Lord_AkidoMaja
Facebook- Akinwunmi Emelike maja

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