June 20, 2024

Formerly known as SC, the UK based artist Rubiix, started rapping at the age of 16, which led to the release of her first mixtape ‘1 woman Army’. Heavily influenced by Biggie, Tupac, and Eminem she is not locked into any specific genres, and has evolved her sound towards modern hip-hop stylings, where she flaunts both her rapping and singing skills. Now with a series of singles released under her new moniker, Rubiix has begun to gain serious traction. Her most recent singles lean on the talented no no music for the production. Bold and up-front, she balances her undeniable ambition with a raw sonic aesthetic that affords space for experimentation while retaining a real sense of ear-warming definition.

Rubiix’s persona is the center of the creative cosmos on her single, ‘Sit By Myself’, which emphasizes the riveting nature of her self-expression, and her canny ear for rhyme and rhythm as she finds the pocket of the drill-induced groove based on the classic track, ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’.

Thorough, astute, and never overwhelming, Rubiix works with a clear sense of what structured rapping means. Her wordplay is never messy and all over the place. She keeps her prose short, straight and to the point.

Take the raw, unrelenting flow with which she attacks the verses, or the sultry introspective sweetness she adopts in the repeated refrain of the chorus. Through her music, Rubiix is able to unveil different layers to her persona, all while bringing these elements together into something defined, and potent, without being vulgar or overtly garish. Rubiix is able to own her skills, and transcend rap’s most clichéd tropes, while still staying at the very center of it.

The UK based femcee manages to handle her craft with an infectious blend of playfulness, introspection and defiance, channeling the kind of self-assurance that is defined by the breadth of her skillset.

Paired with Rubiix’s assertive flow, the beat by no no music has enough personality to complement and enhance her delivery. Along with Rubiix’s performance, it also helps to retain the listener’s attention until the very end.

‘Sit By Myself’ is another shining example of all the step-by-step work Rubiix’s is putting into her craft. It shows exactly what she is, at this point in her career, and, more importantly, what she isn’t. Rubiix sounds confident on the track, proudly projecting her voice and style. While there are plenty of great one-liners to be found, Rubiix’s best performing quality is how her tones and nuances present her philosophies.

Rubiix also speaks out for herself, making her music all the more personal and relatable. She is an extremely gifted artist with a lot of still unleashed power held tightly in her hands. She hasn’t even begun to play with her full deck of cards just yet.

Rubiix’s self-determination combined with her talents as a rapper and a singer, command attention, both of which you will fully encounter in another freshly released single, entitled ‘Another Life’, but that’s a whole new chapter in her ongoing story…


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