July 23, 2024

The climate of music is not at its best, and R&B has already lost a lot of its luster with rap being the number one genre in the US, but Kae Price has what it takes to give the genre new vigor.  What is spectacular about her style is how well it melds with the momentum of the cutting-edge electronic instrumentation. In fact, her single “Selfish”, is a shapeshifting sonic endeavor that flashes through pop, electronica, and R&B in three minutes, while feeling like a truly coalescing and coherent experience. The listener is treated to a delightful production, complete with resonating textures, ambient swells and a swaying rhythm. Which of course should come as no surprise, as Kae Price creates her own beats.

Across the record, Kae Price’s vocal range is prevalent, laced with heavenly vocal harmonies. The sultry melody has a rich backbone of warm and glittering instrumentation, while the arrangement shifts and morphs between gentle airy sounds and ear-catching hooks. Throughout the project, Kae uses her stellar voice to effortlessly float across the soundscape, confirming her self-assured artistic identity. The pristine production work also emphasizes how Kae Price is confidently honing all aspects of her artistry.

Outside of the immediately catchy arrangement, with soulful R&B inflections and subtle electro fusions, Kae Price’s shining personality is the core strength of this thoroughly enjoyable record. Kae sounds all the more confident in her singing, never pushing the bounds of what’s necessary for the song, letting the nuanced production elevate but never dominate her, and ultimately creating an undeniably unique R&B style. From the very beginning, Kae Price grabs the listener by the ears and demands a thoughtful approach to her music.

“Selfish” is both soulful and willful in its desirable attitude towards love. “I want you all to myself. I don’t want nobody else. The way you make me feel. Your love is for real. I want you all to myself,” sings Kae Price, as she unfolds her self-regarding narrative. Yearning seems to carry in the artist’s voice and reverberate in your soul, almost to the point of poignancy. She steadily builds up the energy, and expands the luxurious soundscape going into the chorus.

“Selfish” is a truly addictive piece of songwriting, with its carefully articulated expressions. It’s a tour de force of Kae Price’s abilities, as the song finds Kae in her element. She is opening out her sound, and finessing her approach. The results are immaculate, marking “Selfish” as a certifiable snapshot of where the Boston singer is right now in her career.

MORE ABOUT: Boston born and raised, Kae Price began to write her own music at the age of nine when she also became a part of the children’s choir at Berea Seventh Day Adventist Church in Boston. Kae is well known for her music and ambition, in the Massachusetts area, Connecticut and New York where she has performed at a number of events. She won the “R&B Artist On The Look Out For” award along with the “Best Supporting Single Of The Year” at the Hip Hop Model Mayhem Awards in Connecticut.

Instagram – @kaepricemusic
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kaepricemusic

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