May 24, 2024

The 11-track album “God’s Son”, is everything ROLLiE HRMNY is and aspires to be artistically, clearly pushing himself to the forefront of ‘Album Of The Year’ conversations. Holding transparency at its core, the album leaves no stylistic stone unturned, defining each side to his sound while continuing to document his journey through life. Running the gauntlet between moody melodic deliveries that mesmerize, to shimmering, soul-feeding soundscapes that inebriate, ROLLiE HRMNY creates a project that is overflowing with atmosphere and vibe. The work that this project obviously required is reflected in its quality. The artist’s performance is mature, and refined. ROLLiE HRMNY sounds like a master of his craft on “God’s Son”. His vocal performances, combined with his superb nuancing, and sultry tones are easily the highlights of this record.

Besides ROLLiE HRMNY’s obvious skill when it comes to singing, his easy on ear the melodies that melt like butter on toast throughout “God’s Son”, produce some surprising gems. These poetic, chill and contemplative compositions, is by far one of my favorite aspects of this album. Moreover, ROLLiE HRMNY makes his intricate sound seem so effortless. His signature floating melodies, layered over expansive beats, makes his songs beautifully rich, creating timeless classics from scratch.

He kicks the album off with a slow-burning chill instrumental entitled “Conscience Interlude”, before sliding into the deep measured throb of “19th & Market”, his voice elegantly flowing over the top. The vocals take prime spot on “Peter Pann”, its thickly layered luster dominating the understated rolling percussion. Things become more urgent and emotional on “Let You Down”. ROLLiE HRMNY’s ringing vocals navigate a slapping hip-hop beat and shiny guitar motifs.

“Grounded” maintains a perky beat which forms the foundation for the dreamy, echoing vocals. The sublime guitars again come to the fore on the affecting instrumental, “Rollie’s Letter Interlude” ft. Sunflwer, leading us to the shimmering, entrancing groove of “Kickback”. It’s an album highpoint, and one of the many high points of this album, which are extremely high. This album shines, not only in style and in vibe, but in almost everything, it tries.

“Don’t Be Shy” introduces us to another stunning vocal arrangement with luscious harmonies, and a beat that creeps along with twinkling synthesizers and tiptoeing hi-hats.  What is most remarkable about ROLLiE HRMNY is his compression and elongation of words and phrases, bending his flow around every turn of the beat. Every new track finds him poised to vocally dominate the beat, and choosing to make it as gorgeous as he can.

ROLLiE HRMNY taps into his bank of killer cadences and flows on “Still Can Change”, abundantly flowing with melodic bliss, while “Over and Over” thumps to a slow head-nodding beat. The production is clean and crisp, resulting in a crystalline backdrop for his echoing vocals. The album closes with the dreamlike “Mon Thru Sun” ft. Sunflwer. As all of his music, it has an incredible amount of thought and talent poured into it.

What ROLLiE HRMNY shows on “God’s Son” is dynamism, and an adaptive mastery of his style. He graces listeners with hypnotic vocals ad equally infectious beats, making it is easy to get lost in his storytelling and melodies. And while his singing chops are solid, so is the quality control of his music. ROLLiE HRMNY shows just how much creativity and passion for your craft matter.


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