May 26, 2024

The album “Underrated and Overlooked” by Ricchsmoove showcases the artist’s undeniable musicianship, elevating him to a position among hip-hop’s underground elite. The record is characterized by mindful, positive lyrics, polished production, and a confident and assertive style. Ricchsmoove seamlessly blends the roles of rapper, poet and singer, delivering his lyrical message with effortless ease. His relentless flow is never forced, but rather a natural extension of his artistic vision. His lyrics are rich with detail and wordplay, each line carefully crafted to create an intricate and multilayered narrative.

Los Angeles CA based entrepreneur, artist, and barber, Ricchsmoove’s commitment to lyricism is evident throughout the album, as he takes the listener on a journey through his own storytelling odyssey. His smooth delivery and masterful use of language make “Underrated and Overlooked” an album that demands repeated listens, revealing new depths with each spin.

The songs on Ricchsmoove’s album “Underrated and Overlooked” exude a sense of ambience, atmosphere and groove, creating a sonic landscape that immerses the listener. Ricchsmoove is at ease and fully focused, confidently displaying the songwriting and performance skills he has honed in his previous work.

The tracks are dense, intricate and exude a cool, effortless vibe that sets them apart from anything he has previously released. “Underrated and Overlooked” is a definite step up for Ricchsmoove, showcasing an elevated level of artistic maturity and growth.

The songs are rich with meaning and depth, and the artist’s craftsmanship is evident in the way he weaves together different elements to create a cohesive and engaging listening experience. Everything works together to create a mesmerizing soundscape that draws the listener in and keeps them engaged from the opening track.

“Hustlers Prayer Intro” is the album opener, and quickly sets the mood for the proceedings. The shimmering keys, the airy woodwinds and the throbbing percussion lay the foundation for Ricchsmoove’s resonant voice, which is even more impressive on “Floating”, as he dominates the careful production.

“Enough” rolls out the soulful R&B vibes as Ricchsmoove flips between rapping and singing. Then it’s back to the lyrical finesse on “Pressure” as Ricchsmoove unfolds another mind-twisting narrative.

For as much as his voice is regal and his tones rich and eloquent, underneath, Ricchsmoove’s narratives are cooking in explicit sauce. It only jumps out at you on “Chauncy Billups”, but if you rewind you’ll notice his been outspoken from track one.

From there on out it’s plain sailing as you ride with the grooves on “Crazy” and “Lowkey”. Ricchsmoove has a great way of expressing his views, so it’s real easy to go with his flow. He doesn’t need to drench his delivery with bravado because he believes what he’s saying, making it easy for you to do the same.

The album’s momentum is maintained with “Worked Out”, before Ricchsmoove again flips the template on “Mirror Mirror” with his singing voice. He keeps the catchy singsong delivery on “Slide”, before effortlessly taking on the complex production of “Nada” which is a tough beat to rap on.

Things finally come to an end with the standout “2Step”. Overall, “Underrated and Overlooked” is characterized by gorgeously optimistic tones, which are overtly infectious. This album represents another ambitious leap forward for Ricchsmoove.


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