May 25, 2024

DPB has worked with Yolanda Adams, King and Country, Unspoken, Toby Mac, Canton Jones and many other artists. To add to his impressive resume, he has also appeared and/or performed on many television shows that include BET. DPB was also a member of D.O.C, (Disciples of Christ), a Grammy and Dove award nominated group. The song is about the mental health illness that everyone faces and about the process of letting those issues go in order to get peace in their mind and heart. “These are issues that people have held onto in their lives and struggle with them daily and haven’t learned to move on and if they let them go they can be free. Issues such as hate, prejudice. Addictions among others mentioned in the song/lyrics are examples of issues that bind humanity. We would have a better world if we let them go, so let it go.” DPB is on radio rotation with the track “Let It Go”.

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