July 20, 2024

Best known for his Smooth rhythms and mellifluous voice, Iz Watt tells a powerful story. The sensational spoken word artist, Iz Watt is best known for his timeless pieces and approach to his craft. A spirited New Yorker, he was originally born in the United Kingdom city of Islington and raised in Brooklyn and Queens New York. He is an active member of the Hip Hop Soul Group, X Black Superhero’s, distinctive groups which provide him with different ways to challenge the limits of collaboration between art, music, life, and words.

Iz has used poetry over the years to communicate meaningful ideas. As an artist, he is famous for his style of music ‘edutainment’ an approach to music that takes reality and presents it to the world in a captivating manner, while instilling knowledge and understanding. As an artist who has performed for over 15 years, he has delivered stellar performances at several venues including CBCG, S.O.B.’s, Brooklyn Exposure, Apollo Theater, Moasa showcase, and the Afrikan Poetry Theater across the state. Iz looks forward to several other life-changing performances in Africa, Madison Square Garden, and Webster Hall.

He is delighted to be a part of such amazing times in the mainstream entertainment and music industry globally. He looks forward to winning the heart of a large fan base across the world and also being an inspiration to growing talents. Iz’s craft is admired by both music lovers and the indie rap scene. Iz Watt is down-to-earth and finds it rewarding to give back to the community in every way that he can. Besides spoken words, he is perceived as a visionary, a keen storyteller, a leader, a devout father, and a powerful force ready to take the world by storm. His upcoming album titled, “Live Dangerous” will be available on all digital platforms.

Iz Watt is on radio rotation with the track, ‘So High’ available on iTunes https://music.apple.com/us/album/so-high/1674330302?i=1674330309

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