May 30, 2024

Silent Tha Soldier, a name that has been making rounds in the world of rap and hip-hop, is an artist who is rewriting the rules of the game. Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Silent Tha Soldier’s music is a refreshing throwback to the golden age of hip-hop, yet it still manages to break new ground and push the genre forward. With his debut single “Betrayed”, the rapper proved his worth as a master of his craft, his flow sharp and unwavering, with a rapid-fire style that’s sure to impress. His influences range from the iconic No Limit Records roster to the likes of Mystikal and Master P, which is reflected in his classic beats and ’90s-inspired grooves.

Silent Tha Soldier is not just another emcee, he’s a wordsmith who weaves stories with a perfect balance of cutting-edge wordplay and raw aggression, speaking to both old and new school hip-hop fans alike. His music reflects his mindset, and he fearlessly tackles any issues head-on. Silent Tha Soldier brings a level of artistry and authenticity that has been missing from the game in recent years. His music is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication, and his commitment to his craft is evident in every track he creates.

Silent Tha Soldier has been making waves with his steady stream of releases since his debut. He’s already released two EPs, a full-length album, and almost two dozen singles, showing no signs of slowing down. On March 14th, Silent Tha Soldier blessed his fans with his latest 10-track project, “The Big Comeback”.

“The Big Comeback” is a high-energy showcase for the rapper’s dynamic, ever-changing flow. In one phrase, Silent Tha Soldier can go from a whisper to a growl to a scream and back again. His delivery can switch from rapid-fire to deliberately rhythmic. His entertaining flow, combined with focused, laser-sharp, punchlines, make him an artist to respect for his skill as an emcee.

Opening the album with the “Intro” ft. KBB52, which sets the tone to what’s to come, Silent Tha Soldier dives straight into “U ain’t no soulja” bellowing his bars like they could knock down walls. Abrasive and aggressive, his vocal tones leave no space for indifference, you either love him or you hate him. If you like your rap hard and driving, the first option is always your choice. The title track, “Tha big Comeback” rides out on prominent, rolling basslines and Silent Tha Soldier’s hyper-confident and incessant flow.

By the time you press play on the piano intro of “Bring tha noise”, you are already fully aware that Silent Tha Soldier’s flow is unstoppable. The man’s got bars, and thought-provoking ones at that. “Smell tha Smoke” and “Charge it to tha game” simply confirm that the down south rapper is ready to find his foothold as an impressively matured emcee in the vast expanse of hip-hop’s current landscape. Through music that embodies his maturity and ruggedness, these tracks are a direct reflection of both his mindset and skillset.

“Peepin thru tha blinds” offers a temporary respite from Silent Tha Soldier’s outright aggression, as he tones it down a notch for a slower, more thoughtful approach. Though the production on “Tank Loaded” is smooth and soulful, Silent Tha Soldier’s delivery maintains its edgy energy. “Like Casper – ’92 version” takes us back to the hardcore nineties with a beat that slaps, and a vocal flow that takes no prisoners.

Throughout this album, Silent Tha Soldier’s raps his ass off. His voice is grizzled and authoritative, and he knows how to cut through the expansive beats that he’s chosen. The proof is evident in the final track, “Get it how ya live!!!” where he drives through languid beat like a bulldozer through a glass door. Whatever the future holds for Silent Tha Soldier, he’s just made a hearteningly solid piece of underground rap, and he’s done it on a high level.

Silent Tha Soldier’s music is not only a reflection of his personal experiences, but also an ode to the rich history and culture of hip-hop. He brings an authentic perspective to the genre, proving that there is still room for meaningful and gritty storytelling in a genre that’s constantly evolving. With his undeniable talent and hard work ethic, Silent Tha Soldier is well on his way to making his mark in the world of rap and hip-hop.


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