June 24, 2024

Benjamin Wagner is the new age pioneer of the synth-hop genre. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, he has been carving his unique sound, which is a blend of synth-driven hip-hop, wavy beats, and introspective lyrics. Benjamin has all the essentials to become a force within the music industry and is now based in Chapel Hill, where he is currently working on his latest album, set to be released within the next year. With his Moog Matriarch at the forefront, Benjamin creates soundscapes that are both mystical and enchanting.

His dreamy vocals float over the melodic synths, creating an ambiance that is both soothing and evocative. Benjamin Wagner’s music is like a breath of fresh air, offering a creative alternative to the mainstream rap scene, and every other subgenre for that matter. Benjamin’s latest single, “When U Hate (La Di Da),” is a prime example of his innovative approach to music.

 “When you hate, you know the thing. You’re going to have to go through my friends. If you hate me, you going to have to tell me what you mean. I don’t speak that language. I just do it like I know. I can’t fuck with no stupid hoe,” exclaims Benjamin Wagner, in a song that is filled with clever wordplay and a whole lot of subliminal messages, apart from the blatantly obvious ones. Benjamin’s delivery is both percussive and melodic perfectly blending with each segment of the song.  “When U Hate (La Di Da)”, has one of those beats that could play all day, and it would be hard to resist.

Amidst his non-stop narrative, Benjamin Wagner imparts plenty of personal perspective and food for thought, which can relate to other people’s situations. The real pulse behind his rhymes, the element that gives “When U Hate (La Di Da)” its real defining factor, is the music. Effervescent and elastic, the beat echoes the sound of spacey electronica and funky pop grooves to great effect. Bass and drums partner up to add haunting moods to warm and shimmering synths.

“When U Hate (La Di Da)” might just be the freshest and most innovative alternative rap track you’ll hear this year. It’s also more complex than it seems on the surface. This is just one of the many songs in his catalog that exemplifies the sheer brilliance Benjamin Wagner possesses, both lyrically and musically. The beat immediately gives you the urge to get your head nod on while simultaneously slinking around the room.

Not to be outdone by his own masterful production, Benjamin Wagner flawlessly meshes his singsong flow into it to weaving a beautiful piece of musical tapestry. “When U Hate (La Di Da)” is further evidence that Benjamin is in the upper echelon of underground artists, striving to bridge the gap between catchy sounds, deep thought and abstract creativity.

In a world where the music industry can be oversaturated with generic beats and uninspired lyrics, Benjamin Wagner is a breath of fresh air. His unique sound and introspective lyricism set him apart from the crowd. Keep an eye out for his upcoming album, which is sure to solidify his status as a rising star in the world of synth-hop.


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