July 23, 2024

Houston-based R&B sensation Tahj Neely is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Hailing from the low area of Davenport, Tahj’s love for music started at an early age, and he has been perfecting his craft ever since. Specializing in R&B, Tahj isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and cross over into other musical stylings. In fact, he describes himself as an “R&B artist with a hip-hop feel”, showcasing his versatility and range as an artist. For Tahj, music is more than just a passion; it’s a way to escape reality and transport listeners to another space and time. His latest release, “Walk My Way”, is a prime example of this.

The seductive and alluring tune, “Walk My Way”, is loaded with sexual undertones that are impossible to resist. The catchy melody and Tahj Neely’s smooth vocals make for a classic seduction song that will have you humming it for days on end.

“I know you’re craving this. Just one time to scratch that itch. My arms are open. Come on in. Let’s have a night of sin,” sings Tahj, highlighting a robust voice and a tonal quality that is rich, alongside a swagger that is intoxicating.

Tahj Neely’s all-round skillset is seen throughout every aspect on “Walk My Way”; the directness of the lyrics, the ambiance of the production, and a voice that’s able to document every feeling the storyline brings. Tahj Neely has an ability to belt a soulful hook at one moment and the next moment showcase a nuanced, conversational verse with precision.

Unlike some of his R&B contemporaries, whose hip-hop styled interludes tend to sound forced and awkward, Tahj Neely has a style that makes it cohesive. This is due to a percussive wordplay sung through the soulfulness of R&B. Because of this, its flow is smoother. Moreover, Tahj Neely’s voice sounds completely unadulterated, without any auto-tune or software aided automation, and it’s beautiful.

And that is exactly what is so magnificent about the production on “Walk My Way”. It has the ability to mix the different spectrums of music and sound great doing it. Shuffling hi-hats, funky drums, twisting keys and muted guitars meet shimmering harmonies and a dancefloor momentum that is a musical spectacle to take in. Every note is comfortably at home with the next and it exudes a certain confidence that only comes as an innate gift.

What truly sets Tahj Neely apart from his peers is his ability to create music that resonates with his audience. He understands the power of music and loves to connect with fellow music lovers and musicians alike. It’s no wonder his music is finding a home with fans all over the world. “Walk My Way” is no exception, with its sultry vibe and enticing lyrics that will leave listeners yearning for more.

In conclusion, Tahj Neely is an upcoming independent artist who is quickly making a name for himself in the R&B scene. His latest single, “Walk My Way”, showcases his undeniable talent and passion for music. Tahj’s ability to create music that connects with his audience is a rare gift that is sure to take him far in the industry. Keep an eye out for this rising star, because he’s definitely one to watch.


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