July 13, 2024

You will be shuttled into a realm of musical brilliance, as the prodigious producer Aiivko takes the reins and propels us into uncharted territory. Hailing from the vibrant South Cobb region in Metro Atlanta, this young maestro has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, his creativity fueled by the mesmerizing sounds of rap duo $uicideboy$. At just 16 years old, Aiivko fearlessly merges the sub-genre Phonk with elements of Cowbell, Eerie Loops, and 90’s Memphis Rap, giving birth to an entirely new genre known as “Cassette Phonk.” Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, for an auditory experience that steps out of conventional and mainstream boundaries.

In a breathtaking whirlwind of ambition and raw talent, Aiivko released his debut album, “Cassette, Vol. 1,” a mere two months after embarking on his musical journey. Since then, his meteoric rise has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. Over the past six months, Aiivko has garnered a dedicated following on Spotify, with a ton of  listeners who have immersed themselves in his sonic tapestry.

With a mammoth number of streams growing under his belt since the release of his inaugural track “0011” on February 2nd, 2023, it’s abundantly clear that Aiivko is here to make his mark on the underground industry.

Behold, the discography of this wunderkind: three masterfully crafted albums, “Cassette Vol. 1, 2, and 3,” alongside two Deluxe editions, “Cassette Vol. 1 (Deluxe)” and “Cassette Vol. 2 (Deluxe).” Each album serves as a testament to Aiivko’s boundless imagination and unwavering dedication to his craft. On each release he invites us to embark on a sonic pilgrimage through the intricately woven tapestry of his musical genius.

With singles like “Ridgecrest Killaz,” “0017,” and “Projectz,” Aiivko sets his sights on an exhilarating journey of momentum and sonic exploration. Drawing inspiration from his primal influences and the rich well of classic underground sounds discovered on the hallowed grounds of Soundcloud, Aiivko has transcended the boundaries of established norms and emerged as a true sonic pioneer.

But let us not forget the immense power of emotions Aiivko conveys through his compositions. From the moment you dive into these tracks, you’re engulfed in a maelstrom of passion and panache. Aiivko’s nimble agility and honed sense of rhythm and melody shine through, even amidst his eclectic mixing style.

On “0017,” the rap verses cascade breathlessly over thumping percussion and warm, enveloping keys, while “Projectz” elevates the urgency to new heights as the hybrid rhymes entwine in a mesmerizing tongue-twister. Beneath it all, growling basslines intertwine with twisting synths, adding depth and dimension to the sonic landscape.

A true gem among his repertoire, “Ridgecrest Killaz” sets itself apart with its ethereal repeating guitar motifs, shimmering and soulful, dancing atop a mid-tempo drum groove. When combined with the mantra-styled vocals, this track metamorphoses into a mesmerizing sonic pastiche, ensnaring listeners within its sonic embrace. This track makes it clear that Aiivko is here to whisk us away on an extraordinary odyssey of sound.

In a world thirsting for authenticity and innovation, Aiivko emerges as a beacon of creativity, fearlessly charting his own course. With each composition, he defies expectations and shatters barriers, ushering in a new era of musical exploration.

So join us as we delve headfirst into the captivating realm of Aiivko’s “Cassette Phonk,” where boundaries are obliterated, and the spirit of sonic revolution reigns supreme. Let the voyage begin!


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