May 28, 2024

In a sphere where musical ingenuity converges with emotional resonance, the collaborative forces of Mike Di Lorenzo, the adept New York-based keyboardist and composer, and the London-based vocal luminary Sonna Rele, renowned for her enchanting rendition of the theme song “Strong” in Disney’s 2015 cinematic gem “Cinderella,” have yielded a remarkable creation. Their latest opus, the “Lose Control (Radio Edit),” emerges as a poignant iteration stemming from Di Lorenzo’s original album “Play It Cool.” This single stands as a testament to their artistic aptitude and serves as a resplendent vessel for Sonna Rele’s exquisite vocal prowess.

At its core, “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” epitomizes the harmonious union of organic, soul-infused Jazz and the timeless cadence of R&B. Mike Di Lorenzo, a maestro in his own right, crafts an arrangement that is not merely a confluence of notes, but rather a reverberating tapestry of sentiments. The composition rides atop a subtle yet persistent mid-tempo rhythm, an undercurrent that propels the listener through a musical journey.

Complementing this rhythmic foundation are the resplendent keystrokes of the piano, the mellifluous embrace of basslines, and the tasteful embellishments of understated horn sections. These components meld seamlessly, fashioning an auditory panorama upon which Sonna Rele’s emotive vocal narrative takes center stage.

Sonna Rele, whose vocal prowess knows no bounds, gifts “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” with an emotional range that transcends the confines of technical excellence. Hers is a voice that resonates with an ephemeral quality, a blend of tradition and innovation. The dichotomy between old-school classicism and modern-day vibrancy finds its equilibrium within her versatile delivery.

As the melody unfurls, Sonna Rele’s vocal artistry navigates the crests and troughs of emotion, effortlessly juxtaposing vulnerability with strength, desire with longing. It is a performance that attests to her mastery of the craft, an embodiment of the synergy between past and present.

Within the cadence of “Lose Control (Radio Edit),” one finds an arresting confluence of elements, where Mike Di Lorenzo’s compositional acumen intertwines with Sonna Rele’s vocal finesse. This dynamic fusion results in a sonic masterpiece that encapsulates both dynamism and restraint. As each note reverberates, as every lyric resonates, the listener becomes an unwitting participant in the musical narrative—a narrative that traverses the expanse of human sentiment.

Mike Di Lorenzo, an architect of musical brilliance, has consistently etched his name upon the grand tapestry of the musical landscape. His repertoire is adorned with instances of collaborative marvels, sterling performances, and resonant compositions.

“Lose Control (Radio Edit)” merely adds to this splendid legacy, reaffirming his status as a transcendent figure straddling genres with finesse and innovation. He emerges not just as an instrumentalist or composer, but as a storyteller who wields notes and chords to paint narratives upon the canvas of sound.

In culmination, “Lose Control (Radio Edit)” beckons the listener to relinquish restraint and embrace the undulating waves of emotion. Mike Di Lorenzo and Sonna Rele, two luminaries in their own spheres, have woven a spellbinding tale of musical synergy.

As the harmonies dissipate and the final notes linger, one is left with an indelible truth: that within the realms of R&B, Jazz, and Soul, their collaboration stands as a shimmering testament to the boundless possibilities of sonic expression.


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